Capacity Development

Accompanying measures of local capacity development, i.e. educational and training activities, are to be developed to support the realisation of the value generating water intervention measures.

Workshop South Africa, Foto M. HarbachOne conclusion of IWRM South Africa I was, that national institutions have on the one hand well founded technical knowledge, but on the other hand a lack of economical knowledge to execute their administrative role entirely. On a regional and local level deficits of practical experience and know-how are to be found. To realise enhanced participation and ownership of the target audience, a variety of different activities are necessary. Along with this capacity building, institutions have to be strengthened to succeed in enforcement and to assure enduring and sustainable success of the IWRM measures.

Based on the research teams experience both of IWRM I and of international experience in water research and development assistance projects, a necessary condition for IWRM success is to promote the involved parties interest to continuously improve knowledge and skills ("incentive engineering").

Capacity Development includes:

Workshops on Technologies & Facilities Operations

  • Water efficiency
  • Modified VRM technology
  • Refurbishment & modular extension of wastewater treatment
  • Pre-fabricated environmental packaging systems
  • Technical operations and business administration of water and wastewater facilities